Requirements to Rent

Payment Method:

credit or debit cards and cash (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express)



A deposit may be required depending on the type of credit card that you have. The deposit may vary from 300.00 to 1,000.00 usd. The deposit may be avoided by taking LDW insurance at the counter.

Cards that require a deposit (Fintech banks, Coppel, Banco Azteca, apple credit card, virtual credit cards)


Required Age

The required age is 25 – 80

Additional driver has a cost of 5 USD and needs to have a minimum of 25 years of age.


Additional Coverage

Cactus car include taxes and mandatory insurance here in Mexico third party liability with up to 4,000,000 pesos worth of coverage.


What is liability?

Liability is the mandatory insurance here in Mexico that covers if you crash into other peoples cars or property. Does Not cover the car that you have rented.

Optional Insurance:

CDW coverage stands for Collision Damage Waiver and it covers the car rented for up to 90%, You are only responsible for the 10% deductible but this insurance only works if the car is totaled or stolen and does not cover minor scratches.

LDW coverage stands for Loss Damage Waiver and it covers 100% of the vehicle you are responsible for the 0% deductible meaning that the car is covered completely.

These are not covered by any insurance;

Windshields, traffic tickets, keys, interiors of the vehicle, tires, partial theft, negligence.


Cost of Insurance

CDW is 25 USD applies to all units

LDW is 35 USD small units: compact, midsize, intermediate, full size, Mini Suv.

LDW is 45 USD big units: SUV, SUV 4X4, Minivans, Jeeps wrangler, suburbans, Vans.


Car Seats and booster seats

The cost for a car seat or a booster seat is 5 USD per day, the car seats are for 2 to 4 years old with a weight of 22 to 44 pounds


Early Return

In case of early return what is applied is a coupon for your next rental. No reimbursement will be applied.



The cancellation is free to make and you can make it on our website, can also be done through email or also call +52 624 146 1839. Cancellation has to be made before you start your rental.