Weather Los Cabos December

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Contemplating a December trip to Cabo?
The weather is comfortably mild and sunny, creating the perfect backdrop for a varietyof enjoyable adventures. Explore the must-do activities in Cabo this December.
Unlock the secrets of Cabo in December, where the weather strikes a perfect balance between temperate days and cool nights. Dive into a world of endless possibilities for
your getaway, as we share valuable insights into the nearly perfect December weather.
Explore the fantastic activities awaiting you in Cabo, from warm ocean swims to thrilling land adventures and close encounters with majestic wildlife, including whale sharks and humpback whales.


Explore the December weather in Cabo
A haven for travelers seeking warm and sunny days with pleasant temperatures. As
winter embraces Cabo, temperatures cool to a comfortable average of 77°F, making it an
inviting destination for those looking to bask in the sun. Discover why December is a
popular season to visit Cabo, with its mild temperatures allowing for extended outdoor

What to do in Cabo in December

Vibrant Baja Nightlife: Lights, Music, and Fun

As the sun bids farewell in Los Cabos, the city transforms into a vibrant stage of lights,
music, and fun. Explore the iconic clubs and bars of December, where the energy is
contagious, and the party never ends. From captivating melodies to bright lights
illuminating the horizon, Los Cabos’ nightlife in December is an unforgettable
experience. Dance under the stars, enjoy creative cocktails, and immerse yourself in the
festive atmosphere that defines the nights in this tourist destination.

Magical Encounters: Humpback Whale Watching

Witness the majestic spectacle of humpback whales as they migrate to the warm waters
of Los Cabos during December. These imposing creatures undertake an amazing
journey, adding a magical touch to the waters of the Sea of Cortez. Join specialized tours
that take you to privileged locations for a close-up view of their jumps and melodic
songs. Discover why December is the perfect time to witness this unique natural
phenomenon, adding unforgettable moments to your Los Cabos experience.

Sportfishing Thrills: Capture the Excitement of the Sea of Cortez

December awakens the excitement of sportfishing in Los Cabos. Whether you’re an
experienced angler or a first-timer, this month offers exceptional conditions. From the
coastline to the depths of the Sea of Cortez, fishing enthusiasts will find a diversity of
species. Fishing tournaments in December add a competitive element to the experience,
and with the right equipment and expert guides, you’ll be ready to capture exciting
moments and perhaps, the fish of a lifetime.

Paradisiacal Golf Course: A Paradise for Golf Enthusiasts

The world-class golf courses of Los Cabos present themselves as a paradise for golf
lovers, and December is the ideal time to enjoy them. With perfect weather conditions,
scenic courses designed by experts, and stunning views, golfers will find an exceptional
destination in Los Cabos. From beginners to experienced players, the variety of courses
offers challenges and fun for all levels. Enjoy your game under the warm December sun
while immersing yourself in the natural beauty surrounding each hole.

Outdoor Splendor: Activities Under the Sun

The outdoors come to life in all its splendor during December in Los Cabos. From
thrilling ATV rides to relaxing horseback rides along the beach, the variety of outdoor
activities is simply irresistible. Moderate temperatures make venturing outdoors a
delight. Feel the adrenaline as you explore desert landscapes on an ATV or enjoy the
serenity of a sunset horseback ride. Discover why December is the perfect time to live
exciting outdoor experiences in this paradise.

Scenic Hikes: Exploring Natural Beauty

Immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Los Cabos through scenic hikes
along its trails in December. With pleasant temperatures, this month offers perfect
conditions to explore the natural richness of the region. From coastal routes with ocean
views to trails winding through desert landscapes, scenic hikes lead you to discover the
diversity of Los Cabos’ flora and fauna. Accompanied by knowledgeable local guides,
each step brings you closer to the authenticity of this destination.

Feast for the Palate: Exploring Local Gastronomy

Discover the authentic flavors of Los Cabos in December, when local gastronomy
becomes a feast for the palate. From fresh fish caught in nearby waters to authentic tacos
with explosive flavors, the culinary offering is an experience in itself. Explore local
markets, taste gourmet delights at renowned restaurants, and venture into alleys in
search of authenticity. December is the perfect time to delight your palate with the
diversity and authenticity of Los Cabos’ cuisine.

Journey to the Authentic: Visiting Magical Towns

Embark on a cultural adventure exploring the charming ‘Pueblos Mágicos’ near Los
Cabos. Immerse yourself in the rich history and local traditions as you stroll through
cobblestone streets and discover the authenticity of life in these charming towns. From
art galleries to craft markets, each corner tells a unique story. December offers a special
connection with local culture, as the towns are adorned with festive lights and celebrate
deep-rooted traditions. Discover the authenticity of Los Cabos beyond the beaches and

Unforgettable Tours: Discovering the Treasures of Los Cabos

From thrilling marine excursions to land explorations, the diverse tours in December
invite you to discover the treasures of Los Cabos. Sail through crystal-clear waters in
search of marine life, explore ancient archaeological sites, or venture on wine routes
revealing the secrets of local wine production. December offers a variety of experiences,
each designed to immerse you in the cultural and natural richness of this unique
destination. Accompanied by passionate guides, each tour becomes a window to the
hidden treasures of Los Cabos.

Magical Sunsets: From the Beach or Aboard

Marvel at the breathtaking sunsets of December in Los Cabos. The warmth of golden
tones reflects on the horizon as the sun bids farewell, creating a visual spectacle that is
simply magical. Whether on the beach, with the sand beneath your feet, or aboard a
vessel sailing calm waters, you’ll experience moments of serenity and awe. Enjoy craft
cocktails as the sky is painted with colors, and the sun plunges into the ocean. December
gifts sunsets that are more than a natural event; they are experiences that endure in the
memory of those fortunate enough to witness them.

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